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Located in the heart of Tanjong Katong Road, Ben’s Kitchen offers an authentic and homely dining experience, with dishes that reflect Indonesian local-inspired cooking styles and the use of aromatic spices and herbs that add a depth of flavour to each dish.

The hybrid Chinese-Indonesian cuisine originated when Chinese Indonesians combined their culinary heritage with local Indonesian ingredients, creating a stellar fusion that appealed to both Chinese and Indonesian palates. Today, this cuisine is beloved by many, and Ben’s Kitchen has perfected the art of this unique cuisine.

About Chef Ben

Chef Ben

Ben’s Kitchen is owned by Chef Ben Chia, an ex-chef from Kota88 Restaurant which brought the first Chinese Indonesian Cuisine to Singapore. Chef Ben Chia has over 45 years of experience whipping up roast and BBQ pork delights and had spent the last 10 years travelling around Jakarta to gain deep understanding of Chinese-Indonesian dishes.

Over the years, has perfected the art of roast and BBQ pork delights including his mouth-watering speciality, Babi Guling (Traditional Balinese Roasted Suckling Pig).

Step into his humble abode at 273 Tanjong Katong Rd as he presents his beloved Chinese-Indonesian recipes, curated with a personal touch.